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Facebook Buys Marcotte’s for $3 Billion

In another calculated move by the social-media giant, Facebook purchased the curated .gif library from Ethan Marcotte, father of Responsive Web Design, for a hefty $3.1 billion. In an official press release late Friday afternoon, Facebook expressed excitement to its shareholders about entering into the communication gif market.

“We realized that gifs from embedded in IMs and sarcastic email forwards were essentially the only way our designers and developers could communicate with one another,” the release stated, “and we are excited for the way will spread the Facebook brand across language and age barriers.”

“It’s basically like WhatsApp for designers.”

It’s still unclear what changes will undergo. Rumors are already circulating that it will integrate with Instagram, another multi-billion-dollar acquisition by Facebook, and this could mean user-submitted content. The name could undergo a change as well, with the letter “F” from Facebook potentially working in. When asked for additional comment on branding considerations, a Facebook spokesperson said, “”

One thing is certain, and that is that Marcotte will be relinquishing his curation duties of in favor of a social content aggregation model. Attitudes are generally optimistic that 13-year-olds will submit gifs that beautifully communicate the intricacies of a particular situation or the emotions contained in the reaction to a specific event.

As for Marcotte, he had only one comment when asked about the transaction.

“Beep, beep, bitches.”

Ethan Macotte in a blue Adventure Time-themed Ferrari sports car with RWD FTW emblazoned on the hood.